Sunday, June 21, 2009

waiting, prayer, jay

Posted by Picasa Outside the convenience store.

A notice in front of the church in the High Street asks: "Have you any concerns which you would like to pray for? " And responds: " Please post your prayer requests here and we will pray for you."

In the vegetable garden I catch sight of a jay among the fruit trees, a rare sight round here, and a pleasing one for me.

I have just posted a reply to Lucy's questions, What do you fear? What do you hope for? on our Compasses site.


Roderick Robinson said...

Just back from the Languedoc and find it difficult to provide a reasonably brief comment summarising your fortnight's postings which cover a wide range of reflections. Your Nasturtia allusion reminded me of the Marx Brothers film which takes place in a foreign country and in which everyone regularly bursts into a rendering of the national anthem: "All Hail Fredonia." Amazingly this repetitive gag gets funnier rather than feebler. I shall now peruse the latest in what I refer to as The Crocodile Exchanges.

Zhoen said...


Lucy said...

I suppose the praying for you doesn't constitute the selling of indulgences since they don't take any money for it. There might be something quite healing in the act of writing down what's bothering you and putting it in the prayer box...

The Nasturtia thing also reminded me of Billy Connolly's rant about the dreariness of the British national anthem (which he also rightly pointed out was primarily anti-Scottish in its origins), and how it probably contributed to British athletes' lack of morale at the Olympics etc, whereas these emergent nations had very jaunty, bouncy anthems to get them fired up, which typically go something like:

'#We're from Jerovia and we don't give a shit!#'

Unknown said...

BB: Glad to see you back. I hope your holiday was productive (I shall be round to Works Well soon and will be relieved by a rest from the screwdriver photograph), as well as an enjoyable one. Gags, properly managed can build up an almost endless head of energy when porperly managed.

L: I remember that Billy Connolly rant. As usual the nail struck firm on its head.