Monday, June 08, 2009

roller, pea-eater, pop

Posted by PicasaI feel increasing sympathy for old, neglected things like this garden roller in a friend's garden. This is a structural detail.

Just after reading Lucy's comment here on Molly (her spaniel), who eats mangoes, I am talking to my friend Chris whose dog nicks garden peas of the plants and munches them pods and all. Apparently it also manages to cull raspberries straight from the bushes.

Today a young man with a plastic water bottle overtakes me. The bottle goes pop as he grips it to take a swig. I look round surprised. "Sorry, " he says and smiles.


Lucy said...

Oh she was terrible about peas, used to pinch them from the colander!

I love the soft pinks and greens in that photo, like crab and avocado...

Unknown said...

It is a good colour combination particularly when gently modulated. Crab and avocado! Delicious too.