Saturday, December 26, 2009

once, compass, speakers

Posted by PicasaOnce upon a time there was a snow squirrel who lived in The Grove ....
In a Christmas cracker is a small compass with a cord which can be hung on a key ring.
I always like to have a compass on my key ring because it helps to remind me where I am. My old keyring -compass fell off and broke. Until now, despite looking everwhere, I couldn't find a replacement. Hurrah for Christmas crackers!
My new laptop, which replaces the PC (now in the studio upstairs), has one drawback: the integral speakers are only adequate if you are not listening to music. The speakers which Santa Claus brought me yesterday raise the Vaio to hi-fi standard. Hurray for auxiliary speakers.


Roderick Robinson said...

Hurrah for auxiliary speakers - surely a unique exultation.

CC said...

Love the Squirrel.
Could be Snow Squirrel was expecting a treat.

I admit, I usually carry some peanuts and sun flower seeds for my small furry and feathered
neighbors here in the city.