Saturday, May 08, 2010

pigeon, wild flowers, Dam Busters

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Portrait of a pigeon pacing on a wall.

From the train I watch for wild flowers and spot, growing on the same siding close by one another, ragwort and herb Robert. |A surge of yellow and a sprinkle of purple. A feeling passes, something close to joy.

In a Mind charity shop I overhear a woman telling another about her wedding. "And we finished up with the Dam Busters march..."    she says, concluding, slightly apologetically, "because we like it."


Roderick Robinson said...

It comes under the category of "Things I'm secretly ashamed of" and features in a regular celebrity questionnaire feature in The Guardian. Most people cheat, turning their answer into an act of trumpet-blowing (eg, "I'm ashamed that I continue to re-read Proust when I have a mass of chick-lit that is just piling up.")

CC said...

Whatever it is with you and candid bird shots, this Pigeon is another keeper!

The Crow said...

"A surge of yellow and a sprinkle of purple."

This line brings me "something close to joy," Plutarch. You have a gift for putting together phrases that do that for me. Thank you for that.

Lucy said...

Somehow I just know that the sight of a happy couple walking out of church to the strains of the Dambusters would be one of those things that would have me both doubled up with embarrassed laughter and tearful with sentimentality, as even the thought of it does... Good for them anyway.

Unknown said...

Marching down the aisle to the Dambusters appealed to me too as a unlikely good idea.