Wednesday, September 08, 2010

breakwater, pies, orator

Posted by PicasaThe texture worn into the wood of this breakwater in St Leonards intrigues the more I look at the photograph. But when I looked at the breakwater before taking the photograph I saw only an interesting composition with a rust stain, probably from a metal fixing, emerging from a hole.

In the butchers an elderly man asks for "two large pork pies" with a sensual relish and appetite in his voice, which makes me feel hungry.

Standing at the entrance to The Grove is a man in a suit. Beside him is a wheeled suitcase in the upright position, its handle extended.  He is apparently using a mobile telephone device hanging round his neck - something new to me - which can pick up his voice from a distance. He looks and sounds as though he is addressing an invisible crowd. He has a loud voice and an American accent. " We upgrade products at the data centre..." he is saying. His voice goes on  and on as I walk past. When I look round, he is still talking into the air, but now walking as well, dragging his suitcase behind him.


marja-leena said...

There's something quite mesmerizing about that piece of wood, and the rust stain is gorgeous against the grey.

I always think these people having loud conversations with an invisible person look rather silly, and your described individual tops them all.

CC said...

Since the advent of cell phones, its sometimes impossible to tell whether someone is talking to themselves or some one on the phone.... or both. ;-0

tristan said...

it really is a marvellous picture ... plutarch has struck a rich vein, hurrah !