Sunday, September 12, 2010

pebble, picnic, older

Posted by Picasa The only pebble on the beach.

In The Grove, a childrens' picnic. Two balloons sway and nod, above a blanket spread on the ground and covered with a mixture of packets, bottles and rubber balls. Grown ups stand round chatting. The sun gleams on the skin of the balloons.

A year on, I watch
Different leaves falling from
The same lime's branches


Lucy said...

Happy birthday, Joe dear? ( I know it's sometime this month...)

The Crow said...

Certainly, his noggin is the largest pebble on the beach!

Is it your birthday soon? Well, many happy returns on the day, Plutarch.

Unknown said...

Thank you, Lucy. Thank you Crow. I too have noticed that at about this time of year I have a birthday, a recurring phemomenon, not yet investigated in the field of particle physics.

Lucy said...

Hope it was a good one!