Wednesday, November 24, 2010

hovering, Branstone pickle, scrap book

Posted by Picasa This graffito bird strikes me as  being almost  an improvement on the real thing - just a little more permanent.

If there is anything which I would describe as my favourite food it would be a cheese sandwich made with new, white bread, cheddar cheese and Branston pickle. So  this afternoon  my heart warms towards the man who is going to print my Christmas cards. When I ask whether envelopes are included in the price, he says, "without envelopes, it would be like a cheese sandwich without Branston pickle.

Do people I wonder, have scrapbooks any more? Some scrapbooks I know are confined egotistically  to cuttings and photographs of and about their owners.  That's not the sort of thing I am thinking of.  Catching sight this morning of an article about the scrapbook of the photographer Cecil Beaton, I realize what a scrapbook ought to be. I have a vision of a compendium of bits and pieces - ephemera that appeal to the compiler, with drawings perhaps and original photographs interwoven, and the odd commentary, here and there, a reflection of time passing and  the  detritus it strews in its wake. I see myself with scissors and heaps of  pages torn from newspapers and magazines, brochures and the like, cutting and pasting and noting sources. But then in the age of Google and Twitter, CD Roms and DVDs I am, I fear, in the wrong world spinning in the wrong direction.


CC said...

I think your blog is sort of an electronic scrapbook.
I thoroughly enjoy your bits and pieces.
Things that have caught your eye and imagination and that you are kind enough to share.

Dave said...

Not only do people still keep scrapbooks -- here in the States, it's become something of a craze, at least for younger mothers. There are entires stores devoted to selling scrapbook supplies.

Penny Walker said...

My 15yr old daughter has recently begun a scrapbook of political newspaper cuttings, as part of her self-imposed push to do really well in her Government and Politics exam.

But it's her bedroom wall which is the real scrap book - tickets, cards, photos, drawings, small objects blu-tacked on as a collage. It's enormous.

Roderick Robinson said...

Digital cameras have done for one form of scrapbook chez Bonden - the photograph album. However I do have one covering a couple of car tours in the seventies in France. The photos are interspersed with bills from the restaurants we ate at. Not quite up to Cecil Beaton standards but the prices (pre-euro) would make you sigh.