Sunday, November 14, 2010

pesto, concentration, shoe

Posted by PicasaAlthough I took this photograph a few weeks ago, I see it now for the first time, as I upload it from the camera's memory card. The basil became pesto quickly and was  used  as a  sauce with pasta, as a dressing for soup and slipped into baked potatoes. The fly? Who knows where the fly has gone?

Throughout the train journey up to London I watch a man concentrating on the small screen in his hand, which he deftly manages with the other hand.  His attention is undivided, intense, exclusive. His eyes seem to be sucked into the screen and for a moment I imagine him sucked, eyes first, into the screen's black hole.

Half way up the hill that leads from Calverley Gardens  to Calverley Road, past the rear entrances to the shops in Mount Pleasant, in an enclosed area, inaccessible from the pavement except through a locked gate, is a high window ledge, on which rests, improbably, a single, high heeled  woman's shoe. About a year ago I photographed this surreal arrangement and posted it here. The shoe is still there, in the same position. I cannot refrain from photographing it again.

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