Sunday, November 21, 2010

phobia, technology, organic

Posted by PicasaI too fear them. But I admire them on their barely visible threads, agile and determined, defying gravity and prejudice.

In my love hate/relationship with technology, technology invariably wins. A Blackberry now keeps me in touch with the world on the move. I like it for the way it chimes just once to announce an email or a text message. I fear it for its potential to intrude when I am engaged in looking at and listening to what goes on around me. I must learn its place.

In Sainsbury's  this morning one of those male voice's - jolly,  humorous, yet with the underlying authority of someone used to being in charge and intent on implying that he knows very little about what is going on, when, in fact, he knows it all. It belongs to burly, middle-aged man accompanied by a younger woman, probably his daughter. He is not used to shopping and happy to announce his trainee status. "Organic," he says, "must be good for you!"

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