Monday, November 01, 2010

keyhole, leaves, endorsement

Posted by PicasaI pass  this door regularly when in Sitges but only when I see the photograph  today do I realize how much I like the keyhole.

It is quite still in the garden to day. Leaves fall from the trees one at time. They drift slowly down through the sunlight. They make me think of leaves on the set of a play, where they are dropped to tell the audience what time of year it is.

In the street called South Grove I stop for a moment to admire the sun illuminating a plant growing precariously and unofficially from a cornice above The High Street. I take a photograph. "Beautiful isn't," says a builder who is sweeping up after completing some work on the estate agent on the corner of South Grove and the High Street. "Lovely time of year. I was driving through a lane and watching the trees on either side. All different colours."
 It was only the other day, when I stopped to look at some magpies in the leaf-strewn Grove,  that a  passing stranger  seemed to endorse my admiration   of a beautiful thing with a similar remark.


HKatz said...

That's a serene, angel-like keyhole.

I like the image of the leaves drifting gently down. One of my strongest impressions of them here is how they scuttle insect-like across the pavement. But those that still remain on the trees are brilliant.

Roderick Robinson said...

Like the outline of an angel on a Russian icon.