Saturday, November 13, 2010

swan, cat, class

Posted by PicasaBeside the bridge in the centre of Taunton.

On a bench by the entrance to Calverley Ground an old lady sits. She wears a leather coat and a white cap. On her lap sits a black and white cat. The cat has made itself comfortable. " I think it lives somewhere over there, she says, looking into the distance". There are no houses nearby. "It just came and sat here," she says, and adds plaintively, "I've got to prepare lunch."

There is stall which sells small bags of cob nuts (a special variety of hazel nut, local to Kent and Sussex) covered in chocolate. There is plain (or as they call it nowadays, dark chocolate, and milk chocolate. "Which are the most popular?" I ask the stall owner. "In Tunbridge Wells, " he says," dark".  "And elsewhere? "Milk," he says, and adds, "Maybe it's a class thing."


CC said...

Thoroughly enjoyable post.
Especially, the old lady and the cat.
I'm a sucker for cat stories.
Cats know what they want and they seldom ask permission. I say this as a human with 2 cats, one black and white. =^..^=

Roderick Robinson said...

Disliking "dark" chocolate as I do, I was irritated when acquaintances adopted Messianism in an attempt to convert me. Now the scales have fallen. They had horses and, as you have pointed out, it was definitely a class thing. Thanks. I'll never bow the knee again.

The Crow said...

Your photo is like a watercolor painting; lovely.