Friday, November 05, 2010

tree, bagged, animals

Posted by PicasaTree with shadows.

In The Grove, men armed with blowers, are packing dead leaves into large woven plastic bags. The blue bags have rope handles on the corners to help when heaving them on to a truck, and to hook on to a hoist for removal from the truck deck. Such systems are intriguing.

The shop called Zebra cards on the corner of The High Street has a display of books, post cards and calenders in the window on the themes  Beautiful Chickens, Beautiful Cows, Beautiful Sheep and Beautiful Pigs. All four make use of simple photographs of the animals  against a dark background,which give them  a portrait- like quality. I buy one as a present for someone who loves cows. "If you're wondering why there are so many animals here," says the shop lady, "It's because the owner is a farmer."


Roderick Robinson said...

A flitting link with the past, now shrivelled and formulaic. The bags you describe sound very much like IBCs (Intermediate bulk containers, just in case you have forgotten). Once we were the Masters of the Universe on such matters, now this expertise has sunk down - like mulch or fertiliser or some such horticultural item or process - to nourish other wider fields. But not, I trust, "a world too wide for his shrunk shank".

CC said...

Speaking of cards, you should have cards made of all your wonderful shadow
photos. I'd buy some to write to special
friends who save evocative images.

(The commercial artist in me can't help it).