Tuesday, November 30, 2010

texture, long johns, relief

Posted by Picasa The leaves have dried up and fallen now, but on the last day of Autumn, this photograph remains in the file.

My father as he grew older discovered long johns. Always the rebel, I rejected his advice to adopt this garment in cold spells. Yesterday I  gave in. My thin legs encased in a fine, navy blue pair, are warm for the first time since the present bitter spell set in. My days of macho fortitude are over.

This morning I feel that tasks are beginning to accumulate and weigh down on my easy life. But  I sit down at my desk and in two shakes of a lamb's tail, I write an email to an old friend whom I have rediscovered after 15 years and  solve a problem with what I am writing at the moment. What seemed oppressive has become a tidy box with a tick against it.


CC said...

Watercolored leaves. Very nice.

Lucy said...

I found some kind of three quarter length leggings, with kind of fake button cuffs, called something quaint in French which presently escapes me, supposedly worn as an outer garment, but which double either as pyjamas or as long-johns under jeans or looser trousers. It's almost worth a cold snap to have the pleasure of being thus wrapped up.

Corsaire, that's what they're called, which I seem to remember was a type of old and ugly Ford car, the kind of thing BB might blog about.

Tom has some mountaineer's type things made from fine black polar fleece from Decathlon (a worthy establishment from which we mainly clothe ourselves) to which he resorts when the mercury drops.

Dear dear, here we are discussing our underwear in a public place...

Unknown said...

Cheers, CC.

Lucy Warmth is wonderful and not to be taken for granted. The radiators in our our kitchen and dining area waiting for the gas man.
Corsaire, with its pirate associations, is a great name for an undergarment which in some macho cultures might be taken for "soft". I am glad that you and Tom have such intriguing and obviously satisfactory devices to keep you warm.