Saturday, November 27, 2010

wet, wagtail, cold

Posted by PicasaComposition: wet leaves on concrete.

Whenever, as I do today, I catch sight of the swooping flight of a pied wagtail, joyful as a child skipping, I respond with reciprocal delight.

The phrase "a cold and frosty morning" comes to me this morning, because it is a cold and frosty morning and a bright one too with the rime  on grass and trees silvered by the sun. But where does the phrase spring from in my memory? A rhyme, a song, a child's story?


marja-leena said...

I love the photo. So, winter has arrived in England, later than here this year. Do you think you will have snow? Our snow has been replaced by the usual rain.

Penny Walker said...

I remember it from "here we go round the mulberry bush", a singing and dancing game for small children which includes "this is the way we wash our face" and other useful reminders.

CC said...

Love the photo.... almost said
Love the painting! There's something about
the texture and color that is almost an oil

Lucy said...

Yes, mulberry bush it is.

Marvellous etched leaves.

We love wagtails too. One place I lived, they used to congregate in large flocks in the small shopping centre trees on winter evenings, they were like living, dancing fairy lights.

Unknown said...

M-L It's already very cold. Snow is promise.

Penny Thank you. It was lurking there at the back of my mind, that mulberry bush. I'm going round it again.

CC Sometimes photos do look like paintings. I wonder whether that is a good or a bad. Certainly few would admire a painting that looked like a photograph.

Lucy I didn't realize that wagtails roosted socially until recently when someone drew my attention to the fact that they congregate in the evenings in the trees in the shopping precinct in the middle of Tunbridge Wells.