Monday, December 19, 2011

cranes brute my lady

Posted by Picasa Cranes above London in  the declining sun.

Bollards in Mount Sion are designed to deter motorists from parking on the pavement. They often also provide target practise for motorists attempting to reverse.  Evidence of brute force carelessly applied is seldom absent in the shape of a leaning bollard and up-ended bricks in the surrounding footpath.

 For too long now my interest in the written and spoken word has distracted me from listening to music as much as I would have like to. Lorenzo da Ponte  with his new blog Tone Deaf has ended all that. My head is full of music, my ears are ringing with it. For the sixth time to day I am back with "Did you not hear my lady, go down to the garden singing ..?."   Not for a long time had I heard her. But now all that is changed. I hear her all the time. Thank you Lorenzo.


Roderick Robinson said...

Given your thanks perhaps it's churlish of me to suggest the removal of an inital S from your modified version of my blog title. I have made it clear that I have no qualifications to write about music and I suspect there is now a critical consensus in agreement. However to suggest that I'm not only ignorant but incapable of hearing any of the music I write about may be taking self-abnegation too far.

I predicted that as I entered the blogging equivalent of the Abbaye de Solesmes comment levels would fall away in comparison with those for the tail-wagging labrador that was Works Well. This has happened and serve him right. What I hadn't expected was that the cumulative Stats would reveal that there is, to all intents and purposes, only one responder - Barrett Bonden. This is because the faithful few approach Lorenzo's palazzo via the redirector attached to the coffin lid that mews up poor old Barrett. I take comfort from the case of Charles Ives, the American composer, who knew none of his outrageously dissonant orchestral pieces would be played in his liftime, opted for a daytime job of selling insurance and made a million.

Unknown said...

Yes. Sorry. I thought I had corrected it. I have now as you will see. Cheers.