Monday, December 26, 2011

friends sticks shrubs

Posted by Picasa The  friends whom I described a few weeks ago.
Some of the people I see most days round here, I stop to speak to. But some I see in the distance, when you can't easily greet them. Today on the other side of The Grove I catch sight of the man who used to walk with two sticks.  About three years ago he  had slipped and broke his hip severely. For a long time he barely ventured out, and when he did, he moved very slowly helped by the two walking sticks. Later he graduated to one stick, a great mark of progress. Today I note with pleasure that he is walking without the aid of  any stick. His  walking stick is  held parallel to the ground,  and rather than lent upon, it  seems to be, a token  or charm carried against chance.
Two new shrubs appear in The Grove. A passer by who lives opposite the location of the new shrubs, says that he asked the young man, who was planting them what variety of shrub they were. He didn't know. I remember that a few years ago I had a similar experience with a tree-planter, engaged in giving a permanent home to a number of saplings.  "What are they?" "No idea," he replied. "I just do what I am told."

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The Crow said...

Yep, no doubt about it; bench dog rules. He is dominating his owner when he places his paws on the man's leg. Man only thinks he's the leader.

How soulful is the omega, on the ground and not included in the grooming/love-fest.

(Of course, I may have watched too many episodes of The Dog Whisperer, a television program about a man who understands dogs and their behavior. Perhaps it is shown in Europe?)