Monday, December 05, 2011

crow rubbish cheese

Posted by PicasaCrow on finial.

At the market in The Pantiles a stall displays animals put together from old cans and other rubbish and presented as sculptures. "Recycled rubbish," says a notice.  It reminds me of a time a year of so ago when I took a series of photographs of discarded cans and cigarette and sweet packets in the gutter and on the side of the road, and presented them as discrete and shining images. Born again.  I am glad that someone else has had a similar idea.

A market stall displays freshly opened cheeses. I remark to the stall holder on the smell which sharpens the appetite. "I can't smell them", he says; "I'm  too used to it."

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Roderick Robinson said...

One is inclined (fictionally) to convert the experience of the sensation-deadened cheese seller into that of a madame running a bordello.