Thursday, December 08, 2011

harnessed irenic stop

Posted by Picasa Two ponies and their traps ready to go, unlikely visitors to the convenience store in Gosevenor Road a few days ago.

Irenic is the word I want to remember today.  It means peaceful and suggests reconciliation in argument, the opposite to polemic.

The little water colours which I have started as a project have no purpose other than to show form and colour which attract, please and in the long term, interest the eye. Sometimes they are abstract and sometime representational.  Simplicity is hard to a achieve. Knowing when to stop, and when to continue, as in other activities, is the secret of success. The beauty of water colour as a medium is that it cannot forgive transgression of this rule.

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CC said...

The big secret to using watercolor is working on the the best 100% rag paper. 150lb water color paper stretched or in a block or 300lb sheet (rough or smooth) CAN be fooled with by scrubbing out errors with Q-tips and blotting with facial tissues. (Lord knows, I've beaten up more than my share over all these years).