Tuesday, December 27, 2011

roof response action

Crow on finial communes with chimney stack.

Reflecting as one does at this time of year on people you have known and their behaviour, I recall a certain sort of person, who makes a study of how to unnerve people by not responding to them. I am thinking in particular  of someone I knew  years ago who used  simply to  stare back, keeping his face as expressionless as possible when you made a point. You did not know what he was thinking, whether he disagreed or agreed or thought your opinion not worthy of his consideration.  When you are young and unused to such treatment it is extremely unpleasant. Nowadays it is identified as "passive aggression" or something of the sort, and a proper response might be a punch on the nose or better a lengthy quotation from Finnegans Wake.

As another year heaves into view I am nudged by the thought, driven by a sense of urgency, that there are still things  to do and places to visit. 

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