Tuesday, January 29, 2013

fence digging jolly

Another joint in the fence. They don't make them like this nowadays.

In The Grove a squirrel digs  frantically for something it or another squirrel  has buried. It senses me watching. Does it fear competition? It runs off a little way. I walk on and turn round after a few yards.  With me out of the way, the squirrel has returned and is back at work with its fore paw. I understand the excitement of searching for anything buried underground.  A new crop of  potatoes, truffles, or a hoard of gold coins.

In Sevenoaks bus station an old couple cling to one another as they cross the road in the rain. They are a jolly pair. She a pretty old lady.  He a  bit of a card. A large drop splashes down from the roof of the shelter. They both laugh and catch my eye. "Got me in the eye, that one," says the old man. They go off laughing.

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