Saturday, January 26, 2013

tulip-tree skipping vitamin D

The tulip tree I see every morning from out bedroom window presents a threatening view at this time of year thanks to the severe pruning which it underwent in the Autumn. It is an old tree as it is several sturdy trunks testify. In the summer when in leaf  with its pale green tulip-like flowers it will look more welcoming. In the meantime I can watch squirrels and pigeons in its branches profiled against the rising sun when, as this morning, the sun is not covered ( as it is in the photograph) by layers of cloud.

In The Grove a woman in her thirties I would guess is taking a skipping rope for a walk. Her progress consists of a series of skipping steps followed by one of brisk walking. Skip, walk, skip, walk.

We sit outside The Compasses at lunchtime absorbing bone-building Vitamin D from the sun and morale-building energy from a pint of Ruddles Best bitter.


Lucy said...

Oh, Ruddles! I'd forgotten that...

Unknown said...

Used to walk through London looking for pubs which sold Ruddles. Not sure whether the bitter is the same. They may have been taken over. But a second helping today disappointed no less than yesterday.