Sunday, January 27, 2013

frost greyhound nursery

Frost and sunshine in The Grove. A photograph I keep taking.

While I am photographing pigeons and a crow, a woman tells me that she has just seen an altercation between a chaffinch and a blackbird in a puddle. They seemed to be disputing bath times.  "Might interest you." The woman is walking a gentle greyhound  which is clad in a green jacket strapped over its back. We discuss the  unseasonal thrush which was singing in The Grove the other day. "Yes," she says, "he comes into  my garden."

Yesterday in the Farmers' Market the stallholder who sells garden plants, has battled into town  despite the weather. She shows me on her camera screen a photo of here nursery. Deep in snow and her in a red jacket trying vainly to clear it.


The Crow said...

I like very much photos of long shadows in low sunlifgt - my favorite time of the sun.

Lucy said...

It is indeed a lovely, atmospheric picture.