Saturday, April 06, 2013

Ready, suffering and cat story

Vegetable beds ready for planting  with herb the bed in the foreground. In th ebackground, just visible is the compost bin.

The expression of suffering on the face of an elderly man  who negotiates a carpark in the wake of his more sprightly wife.

I have just posted the second part of my cat story in One Fine Day. I didn't intend  it to become a serial and I can only blame it on my feline narrator, who as you will see as little sense of morality or good bevaviour my cat story.



The Crow said...

Rich looking soil, Joe. You've tended it well, should grow an abundance of goods for you. There are farmers in my part of the country who would hand you a blue ribbon for it!

I'm off to read your cat's story now. I was hoping you would have finished it today and am delighted to read that you did.

The Crow said...

Back again. It's clear you know and understand cats very well!

Unknown said...

Thanks Crow. There's more cat to come.