Friday, October 11, 2013

Early moon, swallows and bronchial peace

Greeted by a full moon above the road into Sitges it is tempting to take advantage of the photo opportunity.

Swallows gather at this time of year preparing for their return to Africa. In front of the balcony the air is full of the  agile little birds swooping and gliding. Over the sea they skim the waves finding insects even there. In previous years I have watched while in the sea at wave level  while they flew round me. This year I see  them face to face.

No one wants a cough on holiday. The pharmacist next door to the hotel provides a medicine called Pazbronquial, bronchial peace, a perfect description of what I need. The head cold disappears in the sun and the cough barely intrudes.


Roderick Robinson said...

Swallows (plus house martins - our companions here in Hereford) also have immaculate timing, justifying the inordinate expense of renting a villa with a swimming pool. They arrive when bottles of rosé make their second (and rather more serious) appearance of the day. Watching their aerobatics it's impossible not to imagine - as with dolphins - that they are doing it for the fun of the thing. Their swoops over the pool are geometrically defined and they flick the water leaving an even more satisfying geometrical form, the circle. Occasionally, just to prove they're human, they mistime their swoops and rather more of their bodies enters the water than they intended. But they simply shake their heads and are off again. And one thinks: I wonder if there's a nearby source of rosé with longer legs.

Tom said...

Good to know a cure was at hand.

Unknown said...

Robbie As with swifts I can watch these amazing birds for hours without being bored. The swifts have invariably left for Africa when we arrive in Sitges in September, though we have enjoyed their company in June.

Tom The pharmacy is a very present help in time of trouble. Shining with all white decor and staff in white coats you have only to enter to feel better if it is better you need to be.