Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sunset, note and hole in pocket

Sitges. Sunset over the town.

Back home.  These words in a child's handwriting on a piece of  stained, ornamented notepaper lying face upward exposed to the weather for anyone to read.
 Dear Uncle Lardy
 Your my hope
 My uncle
 My friend
And I love you
 Sentiment straight from the heart and impossible to invent. A true story in 15 words.

A hole in the right hand pocket of my much used (though not for fishing) fishing jacket betrays that it is where my notebook plus Parker ball pen and Pental retracting pencil with eraser, normally reside. This garment, virtually a set of linked pockets held together by a zip is important to me. In it I  can accommodate apart from the equipment already mentioned: glasses, camera, telephone, catapult, Ordinance survey map, Swiss army knife, telescope, magnifying glass,  laser gun, folding invisibility cloak, and a worn copy of Scouting for Boys. The last mentioned items are imaginary but not the hole which is currently being repaired by the mending service called Retoucherie de Manuela in The London Road.


Lucas said...

I would very much like a folding invisibility cloak!

Unknown said...

I would send you one in the post but I fear that you would find the envelope empty.