Thursday, October 03, 2013

In step, waiving and sounds and strange airs

It isn't long  after settling down before I begin to take photographs looking down from our balcony where the bright sunlight  casts clear shadows on the tiles of the promenade. The tiles our new replacing the narrow road that used in former years to intervene between our hotel  and the sea.

Among those who walk regularly by the sea from one end of the small beach to the other is a woman whose exercise involves raising her arm intermittently so that you don't know whether she is waiving or  just keeping fit. Not drowning but waiving.

Somewhere en route to the hotel I hear a repeated electronic sound. "Is it me?" Nowadays so many devices call us with information of one kind or another. "It's your phone".  "No it's not: my phone is switched off. At least I think it is." I pat my pockets. "But where is it? Have I lost it?"  More searching. Could I have swallowed it? But the noise stops. It couldn't have been me. Or perhaps it was and someone has given up trying to reach me.


Roderick Robinson said...

What a strange discrepancy between the visible legs and the whole-body shadows. The former appear military and threatening, the latter represent people I for one would like to meet - and talk to if I could get a word in edgewise. Very well spotted.

Unknown said...

My aim is to make an image which some people might argue is different from a photograph, considered and snapped. Here I turned the photo on its side and cropped it severely in order to achieve an effect I was looking for. Easier to do with digital than traditional equipment.