Monday, October 14, 2013

Me, seven and time

Finding that I can take a photograph of myself drinking a cup of tea in front of the computer by using the computer's web cam I do so. Why not?

A child holds by a string a floating balloon in the shape of the number seven. A troop of children follow. From this I deduce that a birthday party  is about to take place probably at the pizzeria down the road.

Some people I know have no time for time. They take pride in not wearing a watch and in not knowing what time it is. Maybe there is something wrong with me, but I am lost without a watch and plan and mark my actions to a large extent by the time of day. It matters to me that my watch is accurate and keeps that way.


Roderick Robinson said...

There is a degree of sorrowful uncertainty about your expression - as if, after having posted, you have discovered that your watch isn't telling the right time and that techno-circumstances are preventing you from making a correction to the text.

The picture is very slightly blurred which means I am unable to indulge myself reading the spines of the books behind you. Cruelty of the first order.

Tom said...

Enjoy your cuppa, but of course you have done by now, hopefully. I agree with you, I also feel lost without a timepiece on my wrist. Without a knowledge of the time it is all too easy to become disorganised. Perhaps it is the don't-care-disorganised people who do not like watches. Who knows?

Unknown said...

Robbie Surprise really. I clicked the web cam without giving it much thought and this bloke was looking at me out of the screen and wagging his head about like a puppet. Surprise followed by mild shock. Sorry about the focus. It would have been better if the web cam had focused on them.

Tom Somewhere buried deep in my psyche is a feckless Bohemian not giving a damn about time or tide. But recently I have come to realise that he is buried deep if not long defunct.