Sunday, October 13, 2013

Shadow of a dove, danger and harvest

Shadow of a collared dove.

In the doctor's waiting room, a mother addresses her two year old by his full name - almost a literary device: "Carter Jarret, you can't do that." Surely the name of a character in a novel, perhaps the very novel which I am trying but not succeeding in reading. " Listen to Mummy. No. It says Danger. Don't play with the fire extinguisher."

In the Farmers Market I note with awe and a little guilt the price of vegetables and that chard, butternut squash and chillis  are still waiting to be harvested in my garden.

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Lucas said...

Whereas the ring dove itself is a peaceable looking bird, its shadow in this instance is quite menacing and has an intensely sleuth-like quality, which makes for a great image.