Thursday, October 10, 2013

Two doves, yeti and wisdom

 Two more collared doves or probably the same as I posted earlier on top of an ornate street lamp.

A thin middle aged man is showing off in the beach. He has minimal bathing attire, and very little hair on top of his head, but otherwise is hirsute from neck to the tips of his toes. He attracts the attention of the younger members of my family. Later I learn he is known as the Yeti of Garaffe, a small town down the coast. He arranges himself on the sand like a work of art, unfolding and spreading towels like carpets. He has a page on Facebook, but I recommend no one to look at it.

In the window of a shop in Sitges  specialising in tea is a packet in English with the words: Tea is liquid  wisdom. Just add hot water.

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CC said...

Laughing at your Yeti of Garaffe remarks.......