Sunday, January 26, 2014

Puddle, leather and hail

Reflections and detritus  in a puddle.

The smell of leather in an old shoe shop (fourth generation of owners, they proclaim) is quite different from the smell of modern shoe shops where many of the wares are made of plastic. I am accompanying my neighbour Peter who tries on a pair of shoes which seem to fit him and appeal to him in other ways, until he asks whether the shoes can be be repaired.The young woman assistant thinks not so we leave the the shop without a purchase. The shoes with rubber soles and leather uppers seemed just the ticket to me.  I like shoes. It strikes me that this pair should see him out without the need for repair, but of course I must not say so.

The wind rises outside the house. What sounds like a bucket full of hail clatters against the window. Almost simultaneously the Radio weather forecast speaks of tornadoes in the South of England

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Lucy said...

That looks like a flake of garlic skin in the puddle.

I just packed up to send back a pair of boots bought on-line which didn't fit at all, resolving not to do this again, shoes have to be tried on. On the other hand, if they had fitted they'd have been a very good buy, and, as they were good leather inside and out, they smelled wonderful, the smell of leather is amazingly evocative, and it was almost worth making the order just to open the box and inhale them!