Monday, June 15, 2009

flag, enjoy, dripping

Posted by PicasaThe national flag of Nasturtia.

"Enjoy the rest of your Monday," says a BBC presenter this morning, which makes me wonder whether, for the majority of working people, there is anything to enjoy about Monday.

It is no longer raining but drops are falling from the branches of trees in the Grove with a pleasing popping sound, which is made all the more enjoyable when the sun comes out.


The Crow said...

"Hail, Nasturtia! Our people holds thee dear..."

That's as far as I've gotten with the Nasturtia National Anthem, but I'm working on it.


Zhoen said...

"Your lovely green to cheer us,
Your rustling voice to hear!"

I don't mind Monday, it's Thursday I could never get the hang of.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the anthem. I am inspired by your suggestions. The people of Nasturtia join me in sending the Crow and Zhoen their fraternal greetings.

Unknown said...

Actually it was I Plutarch who is saying thank you.

The Crow said...

I've completed the anthem. I pictured an ancient, perhaps mythical city in the highlands of Peru:

"Hail, Nasturtia! Treasure garden of the Sun!
Where clouds of gold crown the Old Peak
And silver rivers through Sacred Valley run.

Beloved Nasturtia, thy people hold thee dear!
Hearts gladden when thy flag of green
On perfumed breezes unfurls, and passes near.

Mother Nasturtia! Hear our heartfelt song
Of the fealty we tender thee –
We stand courageous, devoted and strong!"

I'm not really a poet, nor anthm writer, for that matter, but your moment of whimsy caught my fancy - this was fun.


Lucy said...

I now want to live in Nasturtia...