Wednesday, July 01, 2009

leek, arm, defence

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  2. Most leeks don't reach the stage when they are about to flower. Like other members of the onion family their buds look like oriental domes.

While drinking my morning tea, I see through the bedroom window, a bare arm extend a bottle of water to a potted plant on the fire escape opposite. The principle of cropping a photograph seems to apply here: what you don't see seems more interesting than what is visible.

In the vegetable garden, pigeons have nipped off the heads of some newly sprouted dwarf beans. In the past they have shown a preference for attacking pea shoots and all members of the cabbage family, but this is a new development. In response, I resort to hanging CDs and DVDs at different heights in the vicinity of the beans. Sunlight reflected from their polished surfaces keeps the birds at bay. I recall that among the DVDs I used last year above the kale was one of the TV spy series Spooks. This time, among the DVDs, are films called The Butcher, and Exterminating Angel.


marja-leena said...

I love the photo and the very apt titles of your DVD scarecrows!

(I don't know if you see this or intended this: numbers one to 22 marching down the right side of your photo?)

Unknown said...

I wish I knew where those numbers came from. I didn't knowingly invite them.

Lucas said...

I have found that by clicking on the photo the dome-like structure of the leak becomes positively architectural!