Thursday, November 11, 2010

feet, blood, promotion

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 We walk across Waterloo Bridge, BB and I,  on our way from The Strand to The King's Head in Roupel for a post-curry pint or two.  On the way Barrett Bonden spots the words "Feroglobin. Great Tasting Blood Builder " on the back of a van.  The product in question is the work of Vitabiotics". "Put that in your Moleskin," says BB. Obediently I do, more his beautiful thing than mine. A must for vampires, meanwhile.

I have seen him before, a middle-aged Big Issue seller outside Charing Cross station. He stands on one leg leaning forward, a copy of the magazine in one extended hand. He wears a felt hat and a leather jacket, and manages to keep the pose like the living statues in Las Ramblas in Barcelona for minutes on end.


The Crow said...

I like the ambiguity of 'great tasting blood builder.'

PS:WV is slesoak, which, if applied to blood, would suggest the blood was soaked in/with SLE markers, SLE meaning systemic lupus erythematosus, or lupus, an auto-immune disorder. Not something a healthy vampire would want to contract, I'm guessing.

Lucy said...

I just googled Feroglobin; the company's slogans are 'we think harder to make health care simpler', and 'where nature meets science'. I rather think perhaps their marketing dept needs an iron tonic. Or something.

I bet Feroglobin doesn't taste as good as your curry did. Sigh.

Roderick Robinson said...

Since you're shifting the responsibility for this part of the post on to me (deservedly I suppose) I must add I never for a moment imagined ingesting the stuff. Also it's encouraging to see that having dreamed up that heart-stopping name their imagination tailed away thereafter.

Unknown said...

My dyslexia being what it is I keep reading the word as Ferogoblin which brings a new dimension to the subject.

tristan said...

clearly you would be played by clint eastwood in a shortly forthcoming hollywood blog-buster, but who will play lucy and barrett bonden ?

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