Tuesday, November 02, 2010

shadows, wit, signatures

,Posted by Picasa More shadows at noon. Fully grown people reduced to goblins at the edge of the sea. Or goblin shadows stretched to become giants.

Macauley, the great Whig historian had no time for James ll. Neither, it seems did the King's mistress Catherine Sedley. Macauley writes: "Catherine herself was astonished  by the violence of his (the King's) passion. "It cannot be my beauty" she said, "for he must see that I have none, and it cannot be my wit; for he has not enough to know that I have any."

This morning two workman prepare a cement platform to which a new bench will be screwed down in The Grove. This afternoon I walk past the cement, still drying and separated by an orange barrier and some addition orange plastic tape. In two the corner of the platform neatly gouged out of the the new cement are the workmen's names, Ben and Dave. Judging by the other bench arrangements, their names will soon be hidden except from future archeologists, by  a layer of gravel pressed into the surface of the cement.


The Crow said...

Shadows on stilts - cool beans.

CC said...

Another fascinating photo.

Roderick Robinson said...

Ah, but in the year 3010 the names will be uncovered by suburban archaeologists, the names will be attached to a mythical political party with links to the US ice-cream company, estimates will be made about their height and weight, and a computer will reconstruct their faces (inaccurately).