Wednesday, December 01, 2010

remedies, duck, five

Posted by Picasa I described the scene here a few days ago. This intrepid crow finds something interesting to eat between two opposing streams of traffic. When it becomes too intense for comfort he repairs, a piece of his meal in his beak, to the canopy outside a heathfood shop, where he waits for the traffic to quieten down.

An act of wanton extravagance some might say - to buy a duck for two people. But when we reckon that the roast bird provides food for the two of us on two successive days, hot the first night and cold the second, and then soup made with the remains plus the stock on two more nights, the expense seems quite moderate. There remains a dish of duck fat for roasting potatoes.

Any number of birds in a tree is nearly always like a saying or part of a nursery rhyme or song.Today I see five pigeons and one blackbird in a rowan tree. Trala, trala, tralee, tralee. I see them, do they see me?


CC said...

Going to the birds?

Actually, quite entertaining (except for the poor duck).

Lucy said...

Duck soup is wonderful , as is that picture, which looks like a montage of some kind.

Cynthia S. said...

Yes, one duck can be quite an economic purchase! I wouldn't have thought of using the fat left at the end. Thanks for the idea!

The Crow said...

Lovely crow.