Sunday, December 18, 2011

roots language resolved

Posted by Picasa Among the roots. Oh those little claws. So useful.

A blond woman whom I often see in The Grove walks a snow white Pomeranian on a lead. She has an accent which I take to be Polish and I have heard her talking fluently in a language which I think is Polish. This afternoon I see her with her dog. And note that she addresses it  in  English. "Come on," she says, " as it sniffs and shuffles among some leaves at the end of the lead. "We're going home."
 I ask Heidi  who speaks fluent English to me all the time, in what language she would talk to a  dog if she had one. "German, " she says, "of course."

Problems resolved are cheering  and welcome at Christmastide.   Friends who have had a disagreement with someone close to them, and have barely been on speaking terms, are to have a Christmas meal together, and the news now percolates that yesterday a case of drink  has been delivered by one to the other. I ask no questions but feel a warm sense of satisfaction.


tristan said...

if you would be interested in a film that opens with more than one father christmas in the room, i can joyfully recommend The City Of Lost Children ... none of them, I hasten to add, shows the least sign of generosity

Lucy said...

Molly is of completely anglophone, of course, as Heidi would say. However, she does have some bilingual and even trilingual friends. Porridge, the illustrious Bitch about Brittany, is mostly addressed in French, though her family all speak English around her, because she went to a very strict francophone training class, and Molly's friend Moos, who is largely Dutch-speaking, (hence I have learned the Dutch for 'go downstairs') also has some grasp of French and English too, depending on who his mum is with at the time... the Dutch are very linguistically flexible as we know.

Unknown said...

Tristan I think that I have heard of that film and may have seen it. The thing is there is only one Father Chistmas and more than one is a contradiction in terms.

Lucy Lucky Molly to have such a broad spectrum of international friends. I dare say she has no sympathy with Euro-scepctic politicians.

CC said...

To a dog, its all human talk/sounds to which they try to respond
appropriately.... there might be a treat.

Cats don't care.... and STILL expect the treat. :~)