Saturday, January 14, 2012

berry apocolypse age

Posted by Picasa Rowan berry with robin.

There is something apocalyptic about the notices advertising sales on the windows of shops which are closing down. Not the least of them, if you argue from the particular to the general, is "Everything Must Go.

Go over the notes from last year's check up the optician remarks: "Next year you will be 80." My reaction is a typical instance of intuitive rather than careful thinking. She must be wrong, I think.  At my last birthday in September I was 78 and at my next birthday in September 2012, I will be 79. But she is right: at this time next year, a year from now, I will be 80.


tristan said...

ah, but will you ever attain maturity ?

CC said...

Just get there AND beyond in great health!!

Unknown said...

Tristan Ripeness, possibly; Maturity, unlikely.

CC Cheers.