Tuesday, January 10, 2012

robin boneless reader

Posted by Picasa  No more seasonal bird than the robin at this time of year, full-throated, bright and, like this one  relatively unafraid of a man pointing a camera at him.

An advertisement for "the best boneless chicken" rather terrifies me, as someone fond of chickens and suitably separated from the living creature, of chicken too. It is an advertisement for a new Kentucky Fried Chicken brand . It has the KFC logo, a picture of  old Colonel Sanders and the slogan "So good". The brand is called Dippin' and Strips. The poster shows bits of breaded chicken in a box beside a pot of red dip and one of white, and the price £3.69. I'm runnin'. Away.

On the bus I am beginning to enjoy the satisfying "ping" when you show you free bus pass to the
electronic reader. But you don't get a ticket anymore. I have always liked tickets, even the new ones printed and torn from a perforated reel. I remember with affection the coloured tickets pre-printed on oblongs of thick coloured paper,  and taken by conductors from dispensers which were part of their kit, and punched  to the sound of a bell by a machine hanging round their necks.

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earlybird said...

I remember as a child fighting with my brother for the long paper ribbon of our tickets...