Thursday, January 26, 2012

proportion fashion humming

Posted by Picasa If you were a few millimetres tall this face would represent a good climb. As it is it is a part of the outcrop of rocks only a few meters high at the top of Tunbridge Wells Common, it is less of a challenge, but photographs can be deceptive.

A sign of  limited intelligence is to identify people and objects by dominant features rather than by closer detail. I fear that my own limitations are revealed where fashion is concerned. Today  a woman in the train, with short cropped grey hair  with blond highlights could be one of our neighbours. I realise that she  is  not the neighbour only  because I know that the neighbour is on holiday. This haircut seems to be quite common among women in a certain age group.

Ahead of me an old man with a white stick walks cheerfully along. He is humming. He wears a red baseball cap. When I overtake him I see that the cap is inscribed with the  logo  St Dunstan's which is a school for the blind.


Roderick Robinson said...

There's another problem which we may have discussed before. As I get older I find it difficult to distinguish the genders of young people - in the 16 - 25 age bracket. Mrs LdV offers an infallible criterion: look at the wrists, women's wrists are always significantly slenderer. It works but nevertheless leaves me dissatisfied. Can't help thinking I'm turning into a eunuch.

Unknown said...

They all look the same to me regardless of gender which used to help when I had more interest in the difference.