Monday, January 16, 2012

camellia sparrows puff

Posted by Picasa First camellia. Another annual photograph in the same spot in Grove Avenue.

One of the houses in Belgrove has a tall holly tree in the garden. It is alive with sparrows. You can't see them except every now and then as they flutter in and out of their domain, but you can hear them, ringing like bicycle bells,  long before the tree comes into sight.

 On The Common I am walking down hill towards the town. Coming up the steep path towards me is a woman with five little dogs, two of them on leads.  She is wearing a pink anorak and a white, woolly hat. In response to my "good morning" she says: "I'm out of breath. It's my age."

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Lucas said...

Great photo. I believe that the great code breaker Alan Turing was working on the mathmatics of flowers after the war and before his tragic demise. I wonder whether even now any engineers could reproduce such a form as this camelia, especially as it changes subtly every few minutes and by the hour.