Wednesday, January 25, 2012

stripes alarm how

Posted by PicasaVapour trails and branches in the evening sky.

As I walk across The Grove a burglar-alarm is ringing. Its demented obsessive song persists as I move out of earshot on my way to Mount Pleasant. On my return it is still ringing. No sign of fleeing burglars. No screaming police cars. All sorts of innocent explanations are given for alarms being set off. Undue vibration due to building works nearby is a common one. Another is spiders or insects picked up  by the sensor. I know that if I were a burglar I would find that the din upset my concentration no end. The job must be stressful enough as it is!

In the convenience store this morning the proprietor greets me with,  "and how are you do day?" I tell him and wander off in search of milk. On my return to the counter, as he takes my payment, he asks again: "How are you today?" Nothing has changed since we last spoke. But I tell him. This afternoon I remember that I forgot to buy some juice.  I feel a little foolish going back to the store for the second time in one day. I go straight to the shelf where the juice resides. When I proffer payment, "how are you today?" says the proprietor.


CC said...

Lovely photo. Seeing just a bit as I logged on, thought it was a textile, perhaps a bed
throw. Then light across a snowy field....
Imagine my surprise discovering it was sky!
Something to think about.

So, how are you?
Too much, literally and figuratively.........

Roderick Robinson said...

In Rififi, the French movie about a criminal caper, famous for its twenty minutes without dialogue, the crooks are practising the break-in. They have a real burglar alarm to keep them on their toes and it keeps on ringing. Irritated, one of them picks up a fire extinguisher and squirts foam into the louvred case containing the ringing bit. The ringing ceases. And thus are great movie moments arrived at.