Friday, January 13, 2012

wings silk belly-dancing

Posted by Picasa Between the pages of a notebook this seed of a member of the acer family has  matured elegantly revealing the delicate veins on its wings.

 Here's something worth a poem. Or a fairy story. On the BBC today is an account of a golden cape woven from spider-silk.  Simon Peers and Nicholas Godley who live in Madagascar wove the silk of 1.2 million  female Golden Orb spiders to make the embroidered garment. Its rich butter yellow colour is derived entirely from the  natural colour of the silk. The spiders, about the size of the palm of a human hand were collected daily, by 80 helpers, "milked" for their silk and returned to the wild. The cape is on show at The Victoria and Albert Museum in London, and can be seen on the BBC web site.

In the Oxfam book shop a woman is saying that she and her husband went to Morocco for Christmas. "We wanted to get away from Christmas. But when we got there it was everywhere, Christmas trees, the lot.... We did see some belly dancing though." "Were you tempted to get up and do it yourself? asks the Oxfam lady. "Yes, but I resisted it."


CC said...

Thanks for sharing the magnificent Spider Cape. Truly incredible.

Just wondering if milking the kabillions of spiders irritated them at all.....

Unknown said...

Apparently no complaints from the spiders have been received. It would be courteous I would have thought to invite a delegation from the spider population to visit the exhibition.