Friday, January 06, 2012

lamp post greeting rescue

Posted by Picasa Another abstract  composition taken from paint peeling on a lamp post in The Grove.

The blond woman with the white Pomeranian is walking ahead of me in Sutherland Road, her dog ahead of her eager for the freedom of the park. "Happy New Year! " she calls to a man approaching with an Alsatian and a Cavalier King Charles both  tugging on leads. "Happy New Year! he responds. All three of the dogs begin barking whether as part of the exchange of greeting or  because they making territorial statements is not clear. "Thank God it's over," she says. Is she referring to 2011 or to the recent festivities?

A flotilla of pushchairs comes into sight. From the midst of it, a wailing cry goes up "Lion". One of the mums turns back. "Lion," she says, waving a yellow fluffy toy. All's well with the world again.

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