Friday, January 27, 2012

doodle wash dear, dear

Posted by Picasa One of the recent "doodles" which I have very deliberately made with water colours. I call them doodles in spite of their serious intent, out of a sense of uncertainty as to their true nature, but they could equally well be described as postcard-sized drawings or paintings. Some, like this one  are abstract. Others which will appear here in due course are more representational. The most difficult  to do are the abstract ones. 

In the gents in Calverley Ground the hand dryer is more approachable than most of its genre. I admire the simplicity of its design. There is one opening into which you insert your hands and three buttons labelled soap, water and air. Each of them works. The manufacturer Wallgate deserves to be named here. As some comperes might say: "Please put your hands together" for it.

"A neatly dressed grey-haired man is sitting opposite me in the train. There is a table between us. He is wearing a fawn raincoat.  From beneath the coat peeps a tweed lapel, a modestly patterned  tie and one of those check shirts which betoken a certain kind of quiet, middle-class aspiration.  He is engaged in a crossword. ""Oh dear, dear," he says to himself, as he shifts his position and folds his paper  into tighter oblong.


Roderick Robinson said...

Dyson, of vacuum cleaner fame, have also got into the hand-dryer market, notably in France. I blogged about them as BB. The unit is very efficient but unbearably noisy, drawing attention to a personal function I for for one would prefer to go unpublicised.

Unknown said...

I read about the Dyson in BB and elsewhere I think. I am sure it is more efficient. What appealed to me about the Wallgate unit were the labels "soap", "water" and air. They still do. But I have to admit that I came away with hands still damp.