Thursday, August 30, 2012

advertisement crossing top-deck

Fading advertisement on a wall. An imprint of another age.

Though I do not yet include myself in the category, I do not like to see old people hurrying across the road on a pedestrian crossing  or elsewhere when traffic has stopped for them. They should cross slowly and with dignity. A cavalier wave of the stick will suffice for thanks.

The top deck of a bus still affords this old boy immeasurable pleasure  especially when he finds the nearside seat at the front vacant.  Buses offer a closer connection with people and scenery than trains which are more remote and detached from the world. This morning a delightful rattle in front of me when in a country road the  upper window of the double-decker pushes aside the branches of wayside trees.


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Lucy said...

The new banner really is splendid.

I always mean to make a collection of those old ghost signs, most of them painted directly onto stone gable ends, some still just legible, some mere faded abstracts. Unfortunately I tend only to see them from the car in awkward places, when I don't usually have the camera or the time.

That's my favourite seat on the bus too; not that I get to ride many double-decker buses here.