Thursday, August 16, 2012

Guinness apple flying

Nice and cool. Not an advertisement. Just a  captured sense of anticipation. One of the World's great brands waiting to be drunk outside a pub.

In the vegetable garden I notice a squirrel running towards me along the top of a low wall. I do not suppose that it wants to interview me, or pose for a photograph,  but  I reach for my camera nevertheless. Not far in front of me is the object of its desires: an apple, a fairly large windfall, that I myself might have gone for. To the little fellow, it is attractive enough to overcome its shyness of a man with a camera. It picks up at the apple and begins to rotate with its forepaws, nibbling as it goes. The apple is rather bigger than its head. As I start to take the camera out of its case, the squirrel decides that I am not good company and managing to hold the apple in its mouth, scampers across the grass and up a tree to finish its meal in the foliage. I never manage the photograph. Hence all these words.

As we approach The Compasses a gust of wind snatches up three sunshades from their mid-table anchorages and blows them about with a whirl and a clatter. A frail old couple enjoying a drink start up in alarm. "Tell them we are being attacked by umbrellas from all sides," says the old lady as we draw near.


Roderick Robinson said...

Oh how evocative. Bowling Green Lane and the sense of shame returning to the office at 3 pm. Never mind. It was like one lengthy conversazione (First time I've used that word this decade) resuming day after day.

However you may have noticed that that the regular British Film Institute poll finally, after fifty years, displaced Citizen Kane from the best movie of all time and substituted Vertigo. Ho hum. Much more important Oyu's Tokyo Story (shot in 1953) moved up to third. I've been aware of TS for many years but have never had a chance to see it. Given the passage of time I felt I had to buy it. The simplest of stories - an absolute masterpiece. In book terms on the same level as Le Père Goriot, and not entirely dissimilar. You cannot afford to be without the experience.

Unknown said...

It was in the pub next door to the office that you implanted in me the apophthegm a propos of Guinness that the first pint does not count. I never felt shame, only a glow of enlightenment . I have not forgotten it and did not when I posted the photograph. My friend Geoff who is often at The Compasses for a large part off the day regularly consumes 10 pints of Guinness at a session and remains razor sharp in his observations. He is as thin as a rake.

I saw Vertigo the other day. Just before that rating was publlshed. Extraordinary! What about Bambi?

Anonymous said...


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