Sunday, August 26, 2012

window Chalybeate Spring Yorkshire terrier

Looking in or looking out? Reflections of clouds on the outside of a window in fact. Just a  snapshot but it could be a Magritte painting

The spring in The Pantiles which is supposedly the raison d'etre of Tunbridge Wells is not flowing as well as it might. The iron-rich water  with its rusty brown colour is apparently in short supply. Cups of the stuff are not at the moment on sale. A notice near the spring apologies for the shortage but does not explain it. After one of the wettest summers on record you would have expected something different. But nobody seems to care. There is little evidence  that the water has any beneficial effect, and as a long term resident of Tunbridge Wells, who tasted it once, I can vouch for the fact that it is not among the choicest of liquid refreshments.

Yorkshire terriers, little bundles of cuteness, are the last thing you would have expected to emerge from the county which gives them their name. At lunch in The Tunbridge Wells Bar and Grill a Yorkie  called Armani was sucking up to everyone in sight, cadging cuddles. "He'll find his way to the kitchen sooner or later," says the dog's owner, "He always does."


Roderick Robinson said...

Juxtaposing cute with Yorkshire is a perfect example of mutual incompatibility. In fact there's nothing particularly Yorkshire about the terrier, other than - like most small terriers - it tends to be ultimately bad-tempered.

No chance that the owner is from the White Rose county, given he called the dog Armani. A Yorkie, by the way, is better known as a sweetmeat which I have never tried.

CC said...

Love your "Magritte" photo.