Sunday, August 12, 2012

poppy banana delicatessen

The self-confidence of a poppy. Just look at the perfect symmetry of the ovary at the heart of the corolla and petals which it will outlive.

A tall, thin man briskly overtakes me in The Grove. He is eating a banana. He peals it tidily and takes a bite, peels again and bites again. When he has finished he holds the remains upside down by the tip where the segments of skin are still united and posts them into a waste bin.

In Sainsbury's while waiting at the deli counter  I note the eagerness of customers ahead of me as they instruct the assistant  to slice ham or sausage  or cheese to their requirement. You sense them salivating as they change their minds. "Yes, one more slice..Perhaps another... And some of that too" Buying fresh food on display by the slice is rather different from taking packed goods from the shelves. You are that bit closer to the kill.

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