Monday, August 13, 2012

texture try three

  Not just rust. Verdigris or something like it. Two screws deeply imbedded and  mysterious letters, perhaps standing for Post Office.  This is on the side of one of those boxes by the road side containing terminals and the like, which I have beenphotographing recently. This one looks decidedly abandoned  judging by the texture of the deteriorating metal. I like the screws, and am rather glad that I do not have to apply a screwdriver to loosen them.

On the telephone on the spur of the moment  I assume an unusual accent and try to sell my brother the London Olympic stadium. "At a discount", I say. It takes a full 35 seconds of sales talk before he catches on.

Because I have a small garden I cannot always apply the rule of three.  That is, plant in threes or multiples thereof, on the principle that three plants are more intriguing and suggestive of plenty  than one or two.   For a similar reason three is the number of items posted daily in this blog. And it goes without saying on the blog which inspired mine, the Three Beautiful Things blog  of Clare Grant ( now Clare Law).  Today I feel some regret that for lack of space I buy just two rather than three of the deep coloured cosmos known as chocolate cosmos.

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marja-leena said...

Wow, what a great image!! England is such a great source of these kinds of artifacts, sigh.