Monday, August 27, 2012

butterfly Facebook tee shirt

Waited with my camera ready till it - a red admiral?-spread its wings. It seemed to be thinking. Or perhaps sleeping.  I looked away and looked again to find that  it had flown off.

For a long time I have avoided Facebook. But I do like the way the web connects the world and although this could be rather more random than I would prefer, I feel quite childlike as I locate people I know or hardly know, and find that they are "friends".  What interests me is their lists of "friends" and a sense of infinite connectivity.

Ready made jokes are usually irritating. Stickers on the rear windows of cars for example, captions on greetings cards  and slogans on tee shirts. But there remains a fascination about their inventiveness. On the back of a girl's tee shirt today  I read the word "bitch" aligned vertically  so that it becomes an acronym for "beautiful, intelligent, talented, charming and hot" aligned horizontally. Somebody must have worked on that and presumably been pleased with it.

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